Make Sure You Have a Safe Source of Drinking Water

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Well water testing will let you know if you need water treatment. You should never be left guessing as to whether or not your drinking water will make you sick. A+ Well Service can perform a thorough test of your well water in Galesburg, Kalamazoo or Battle Creek, MI for free. If there are any issues with your water, you can trust us for treatment.

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What do we check during a test?

What do we check during a test?

The CDC suggests that you perform well water testing every spring. Our well company will check a variety of quality indicators, including:

  • Nitrate levels
  • Ph levels
  • Harmful bacteria levels

We care about our customers' health, so we'll make sure your test is as accurate as possible. If you need well water testing services, call us today at 269-350-4331.